Quivertree Forest Rest Camp

Kalahari Desert

Quivertree Forest Rest Camp

Quivertree Forest Rest Camp

@ Kalahari Desert

The farm was bought in 1990 and the owner built the rest camp up from scratch. It’s a living, breathing, family farm. Lived on by 3 generations. They farm full time with Dorper sheep, Brahman and Bonsmara cattle. And they run the camp and accommodate passing tourists who have come for the day to visit the forest and and Giant’s playground.

The forest’s a natural one, no tree was planted, and it’s made up of aloe plants. About 300. And they’re big guys. Clever too. Look at the shape, size, colour of the leaves. It is one of the most interesting and characteristic plants that grows in this hot, dry southern region of the country. And most of the time it’s bone dry and devastatin...


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